Due Diligence

All aspects of corporate finance involve due diligence when operations and management are examined, and material facts are verified. The specialists of the member firms regularly assume due diligence for their clients.

Our professional experience covers various sectors of the economy. We have provided our services to companies, entities y and local and international organizations, both private and governmental, that operate in the following sectors:

  • Exchange and Remittance Agencies.
  • Health Sector Companies (Drugstores, Medical Laboratories, Clinics and Hospitals).
  • Hotel Networks.
  • Manufacture of Chemical Products.
  • Higher Education Institutions.
  • Car Rentals and Vehicles Agencies.
  • Insurance Agencies and Brokerage.
  • Travel Agencies.
  • Restaurant Networks.
  • Non-Governmental Organizations.

Public Decentralized Organizations.

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